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2030 Vision

We, Whitesburg Baptist Church, declare that our purpose is to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known.

Operation Impact is the strategic plan for sharing Jesus with our world by the year 2030. Using the strategic plan that Jesus laid out in Acts 1:8, “but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth,” we will purposefully seek to share Jesus in Huntsville (Jerusalem), USA (Judea), Mexico and Canada (Samaria) and other International areas (Ends of the Earth).

WBC Global Mission Vision Statement:  To mobilize and motivate Whitesburg Baptist Church to greater involvement in global missions.
Goals of Operation Impact:
1.  Missionaries from WBC in all 24 time zones around the world
2.  Partner with IMB and other Great Commission missionaries to plant churches in all the primary Affinity Groups:
a.  European peoples
b.  Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
c.  Sub-Saharan African peoples
d.  Central Asian peoples
e.  South Asian peoples
f.  East Asian peoples
g.  Southeast Asian peoples
h.  American peoples
i.  Deaf peoples
3.  Participate in mission work in all 50 states
4.  Adopt 1 mega unreached people group
5.  Plant at least 5 church in the United States
Jerusalem – Huntsville
Judea – USA
Samaria – Mexico and Canada
End of the Earth – Other International Areas
Each Theatre Team will have a 5 Member Command Structure:
Division Lead Strategic Prayer Lead
Strategy Coordinator Logistical Planner
Deployment Force
Jerusalem Team – Strategic ethnic impact coordination to the people groups located in Huntsville.
Judea Team – responsible for coordinating the strategy for impacting people in each of the four regions of the United States: South, Northeast, Midwest, and West.
Samaria Team – responsible for coordinating the strategy for impacting Mexico and Canada.
Ends of the Earth Team – responsible for coordinating the strategy for impacting people in the International Mission Board Affinity Groups of our world: European peoples, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples, Sub-Saharan African peoples, Central Asian peoples, South Asian peoples, East Asian peoples, Southeast Asian peoples, American peoples, Deaf peoples.
Our strategy for achieving the goals of the Global Mission Teams will be based on the following Global Mission Code of Honor:
Extraordinary Prayer
Church Planting and Evangelism
Discipleship and Training
Human Needs
We Honor Extraordinary Prayer
We will seek to pray extraordinarily for mission ministries WBC is engaging.  We will seek to do this through the  Life Group Prayer Coordinators Ministry. 
We Honor Evangelism Partnerships and Church Planting
WBC will concentrate on evangelistic mission efforts that result in local churches.  We will seek evangelistic missions that include creative ways of finding seekers.  This will include promotion of evangelistic outreach follow-up.  For each possible mission we must ask “How is it related to evangelism and church planning?”
WBC strategic mission partnerships – Presently,  WBC is concentrating primarily on the partnerships listed below:
a.  Israel
b.  Romania
c.  Haiti
d.  Brazil
f.   Togo
g.  Boston
h.  Kentucky
Upon successful completion of these partnerships we will seek God’s face and join in future partnerships as He leads.
We Honor Scripture
We will seek to get the word of God in written as well as oral form in the mission projects that God leads us to be involved in.  This includes but is not limited to gospel tract distribution, chronological Bible storying, radio broadcasting, distribution of scriptures, electronic distribution of scriptures, and other methods as we are able.
We Honor Discipleship and Training
Mission organizations (Mission Friends, Royal Ambassadors, Girls in Action, Acteens, Challengers, Women on Mission) are essential to a healthy vision for the future at Whitesburg Baptist Church.  We will seek to strengthen existing mission organizations so that they will thrive in the future.  God works through our mission organizations to call future missionaries.
Healthy teams and team members are key components in WBC’s Operation: Impact.  Therefore, we will seek to mutually encourage and be accountable in maintaining a healthy team and family relationships in mission outreach.  In addition, every Recruit will be thoroughly trained prior to deployment.  Recruits in Boot Camp will be trained and mentored in creative methods of evangelism, church planting and cross-cultural ministry.  WBC believes that the best evangelistic projects include training and high accountability.
We Honor Human Needs
We are interested in projects that meet human needs.  We believe that the best projects include a direct connection to evangelism through local churches.  This often includes a close relationship with local evangelists and church planters.  This will include medical ministry, relief, ministry, orphanage ministry, community ministry and other ministries that directly mee3t the needs of people in missions.
We Honor Resources
Southern Baptist Missionaries supported by the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering as well as the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering are the backbone of missionary endeavors.  Therefore, we will seek to continue to increase these offerings in the future.  These resources are necessary for the health and advancement of SBC missions.
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